Fares apply only for carriage from airport to airport, unless the booking confirmation or itinerary states otherwise. Fares do not include ground transport outside airports. Your fare will be in line with our tariffs on the date you pay for your booking. If you change any aspects of your booking, this may affect the amount you have to pay.


4.2.1 You must pay any government taxes (including but not limited to air passenger duty) which may be included in your ticket price. Our higher ticket prices generally include government taxes, while our lower ticket prices do not. If your ticket price includes government taxes, they will be displayed in the price break-down at the time you make your booking. Please click herefor more details on government taxes that may apply.

Our ticket prices do not include any other third party fees and charges for costs we incur to provide our services (such as airport and security charges, maintenance fees etc.). We bear the costs for these services.

If you do not travel, you can apply in writing for a full refund of any government taxes you have paid. However, you would need to pay the government tax refund administration fee set out in our Table of fees. You must make your claim within one month after the date of the flight you did not take. We cannot refund any other monies paid.

4.2.2 Government taxes are constantly changing and can be introduced after the date you made your booking. If any government tax is introduced or increased after you made your booking, you will have to pay the new tax (or any increase) before departure. Or, you can choose not to travel and get a full refund of your booking cost. Similarly, if any such government tax is abolished so that it no longer applies to you, or is reduced, you can claim a refund of the abolished tax, or the reduction, from us.


4.3.1 You must pay fares, taxes, fees and charges in the currency of the country of your airport of departure, unless we specify another currency when (or before) you make your payment (for example, because the local currency cannot be converted). We may agree to accept payment in another currency.

4.3.2 We guarantee the currency exchange rate for your payment at the time you book your ticket. This exchange rate will not change. If you do not accept our currency exchange rate you may be affected by any increase in exchange rates between the time you make your booking and the time your card provider converts the currency. This is because the currency is usually converted a number of days after the date the booking is made.


Vat is not charged on fares or fees relating to international flights. However, we will add VAT at the appropriate rate to the prices shown for fares and related fees on Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Greek and Romanian domestic routes. We will automatically send you a VAT receipt.