3.1.1 We will only carry the passengers named in the relevant booking confirmation or itinerary.  You must prove your identity and keep to our regulations relating to documents. Click here.

3.1.2 For bookings made through one of our reservations centres you will need to pay a call centre booking fee. The current fee is set out in our table of fees. Except where clause 10.2 or 10.3 says otherwise, we cannot refund this fee.

3.1.3 You will have to pay an infant fee for passengers who are under two at the time of the flight (infant passengers) and who cannot, for safety reasons, have their own seat. This fee is charged for each infant passenger for each one-way flight (outbound and return). The current fee is set out in our Table of fees. The full adult fare must be paid for infants aged 2 or more years old. Except where clause 10.2 or 10.3 says otherwise, we cannot refund this fee.

3.1.4 You cannot transfer your reservation made for a flight operated by us unless, as set out in our regulations relating to name changes, you have arranged with us to change one or more names in the confirmation or itinerary and paid the appropriate name-change fee.

3.1.5 Your reservation for a flight operated by us is only valid for the flights, dates and route set out in the booking confirmation or itinerary, and cannot be used with any other carrier.  However, you can change flights in line with our regulations relating to changes to flights if you pay the appropriate flight-change fees plus any price difference between the total amount you originally paid and the total amount due for the new flights including any price differences for check-in bags and other optional services.


Our name may be abbreviated to our airline designator code (‘RR’ or ‘RYS’) , or otherwise as shown in the booking confirmation or itinerary. Our address is: Cybernetyki 21, 02-677 Warsaw, Poland.


3.3.1 Contact with Passengers in relation to change(s) of the travel schedule, cancellation of the flight or general correspondence takes place via the tour operator in the case of Passenger who purchased a ticker through tour operator, and in the case of other passengers by electronic messages sent by e-mail to the address provided when making the reservation, or by text message to the mobile phone number provided during booking, or by notification in our mobile application. Proof of sending an electronic message will be considered as proof of receipt of the message.

3.3.2. If you have not given us a valid e-mail address, you must confirm your flight times via our website and, in the case of Passengers who have made a booking via the tour operator, directly with the tour operator between 24 and 72 hours before the scheduled departure time.

3.3.3 You can contact us to make complaints or claims by post, by fax, or by using the appropriate online claim form. Unless we tell you otherwise, any documents you send us should be copies, not the originals, as we will not keep or return any documents.


We collect and process personal data in accordance with the Ryanair Group Privacy Policy.