18.1 In the interests of public health and hygiene, in light of the risks associated with cash handling highlighted by the Covid-19 crisis, we only accept credit and debit card payments for fares, taxes, fees, charges, ancillary services and inflight purchases.

18.2 You may have to pay a fee, depending on how you make a payment and where the payment service provider (for example, the bank or credit-card provider) is located. The fee will be a cost-related percentage of the total transaction value. You can get more information on the fee from the Useful Info section of our website. The fee will be added to the total price of the booking.

18.3 At the moment we can only accept payments made by Apple Card through our mobile app.

18.4 If you pay for your flights with a form of payment that is in a currency other than the currency of the country the flight is departing from, you will be charged in the currency that form of payment is billed in, after we have applied a conversion rate. You can check the actual amount you will have to pay in that currency before you authorize the payment. If you are paying with a card issued in Greece or Spain, your payment will be processed in that country. Otherwise, your payment will be processed in the Republic of Ireland.